Evolving the mobile shopping experience

Reseetle, the app wallet for your digital receipts. Shop at your favourite stores and opt for a 'Reseetle' instead of a physical receipt.

Paper Receipts are an old system that relies heavily on finite resources, printing/ manufacturing costs, paper usage and they cannot be recycled. Reseetle aims to change this by becoming the POS method and App wallet for receiving, tracking and organising payment receipts.

The Problem

Finite Resources
Paper receipts are a system that still relies heavily on finite resources, high manufacturing costs and they are hard to recycle.

Health Risks
Many of the paper receipts used by retailers today contain BPA, or Bisphenol A - a chemical that is both harmful to the environment and human health. Thermal receipt paper frequently contains BPA or a chemical cousin that has raised similar concerts, Bisphenol S, or BPS.

Privacy, Personal Data and Clutter
Handing over your personal email address to shop assistants for an E-receipts can potentially be a security flaw (though you can opt out). Paper receipts are also hard to organise and messy.

The initial design process

For this prototype development, I used xCode to map out simple navigation between mobile pages.

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