More With Less Veneer Lamp

2012 - 2nd Year Project

As Product designers we must be able to communicate messages through products. Understanding Visual Languages and knowing how to translate these through product form, detailing, materials and finishes is an essential skill. This project called for the use of minimal material and to build awareness of how visual languages are translated through products.

The objective was to utilise and design with minimal material to produce a sustainable, simple and aesthetically pleasing product. A challenge that spanned over a 3 week period. The typology chosen was lighting, and the outcome an adjustable veneer desk lamp.

Layered veneer has been used for the base to create a sturdy structure for the lamp stand, whilst still holding a fluid form.

The lamp also includes a cross hatch pattern shade to create different light patterns, as well as 3 cable holes for the lamp wire.

The final outcome used small amounts of material,  to achieve the aesthetic appearance.