Designing for the urban traveller

This design project in collaboration with Microscooter was built to help increase engagement with the adult market in new and inspiring ways. The purpose was for customers to feel part of an inclusive community of like-minded and progressive people who won’t feel intimidated, and be proud of their choice to scoot.

Dispelling any uncertainties that this is just for children or ‘not for me’.

The Research Phase

The initial research phase allowed us to gathering an in-depth analysis of everyday commuters who use a scooter as the means for their travel. To build the foundation of the project, we gathered insights into the day to day activities carried out using a scooter. This included benefits, challenges and obstacles of owning and commuting with this transport as well as the overall perception of social acceptance for those who choose this alternative. Gathering the opinions of bicycle owners and bicycle sellers gave us an idea of what these types of travellers thought about scooters.

User observations were particularly important, with the three areas of interest being shopping, storage and portability. This allowed us to gain an understanding of user behaviours and the pain points in each of these sectors to improve through creative development.

Questioning the issues surrounding current limited and dedicated storage space for scooters as opposed to bicycles, social acceptance, scooter/pedestrian relationships and finally portability drove the ideation stage to design multiple variations of product attachments and features to tackle many needs.

The Build Phase