Destechi aided Meahe Design Studio in developing 3D visualisations for their Chinese client and brand Yu Zhou, a Baijiu company based in Chongqing, Schezuen. This included crafted bespoke alcohol bottles of different Colour, Material and Finish.

Producing multiple bottle iterations in-line with the type of beverage, Meahe created two concept categories: The 'Low Key Luxury' range & the 'Craft' range, to target different consumer types. Each category was explored through different ranges, with each category using different materials to depict quality and how the product would be perceived by the target markets. 'Low Key Luxury' utilised a crystal body with brushed brass cap, to be aimed at the trend setters, or those who preferred high-quality products. 'Craft' was aimed at those who appreciated the craft, origins, history and manufacture of such a drink and bottle, and offered glass with a smooth, soft coloured ceramic finish. Each bottle through careful material selection and form, determined the category.