Disconnect IOT Bucket Desk Lamp.

Product Design x Technology

Can design with technology’s aid be successful in temporarily limiting our digital distractions, to create an escape and allow us to recalibrate?  Through wireless charging, an IOT app and LCD screen of randomised activities, the Disconnect Bucket desktop lamp aims to do just that.

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The Digital creates positive
environments, similar to home

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But it’s good to disconnect, and recalibrate…

The aim of the 'Disconnect Bucket Lamp' is to temporarily remove users attention away from their digital screens and switch to another task. Through wireless charging, an IOT app and LCD screen of simple randomised activities, the desktop lamp aims to limit your mobile usage, so you can do something away from your mobile phone. Simply select a task from the app which appears on the screen, place your mobile within the lamps ‘bucket’ to charge it and carry out the task!

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