The digital creates positive environments, similar to home…but it’s good to disconnect & recalibrate

The aim of the 'Disconnect Bucket Lamp' is to temporarily remove users attention away from their digital screens and switch to another task. Through wireless charging, an IOT app and LCD screen of simple randomised activities, the desktop lamp aims to limit your mobile usage, so you can do something away from your mobile phone. Simply select a task from the app which appears on the screen, place your mobile within the lamps ‘bucket’ to charge it and carry out the task! Clickhere for the GitHub sourcecodefor LCD & Blynk App.

The Research Phase

Building upon different iterations, this product had to encompass both the aesthetic of an object that conveyed the sense of enclosure and restriction from your device. Disconnect also had to house the relevant components to satisfy the function. Before the form iterations however, the hypothesis and design solution was established through user research and testing.

The product design has a role in enhancing the act of disconnection. Whether it be with or without the aid of the digital, it is evident that these products can push for encouragement allowing an environment for focus and recalibration and limiting indulgence.

It could be said that simply placing these distractions out of reach has the same effect. With the encouragement of these product influencers, even, and especially with the aid of digital devices, it can in turn create better experiences and balances through exciting means of disconnection and reconnection, to reset to go back into the online world and the real world with clearer purpose. As part of my research I also attended an hour and a half long digital detox session in London to focus on what it means to be disconnected with other people.

The final solution allowed for the exploration of self disconnection and a write up paper off the ‘Digital Escape’, also outlining existing innovative solutions to tackle the same issue.

"When we are connected with our devices, we are often disconnected/ disengaged from the world around us. However as tech is the most used medium, it is therefore the most effective way to communicate the issue"
Kelsey Freeman, Public Relations & Communication the Digital Detox Retreat
"Online demands our attention."John Mitchell, Author & managing editor of Burning Man Festival

The iteration & Build Phase