Covid-19 has changed the way we interact on a social, professional and medical level...

How will we respond and be fully equipped when faced with a medical emergency, especially in a public scenario and those who are more vulnerable. What does data show, & how will first aid and medical care evolve, and what will it look like?

As of late 2020, the current death toll in the UK surpassed 40k...
The worldwide death roll has now surpassed 900,000...

The design response

Driven by the data and existing news around Covid-19, can design be used in a public scenario? Where we are more likely to catch germs, what other design systems, apart from the sanitary hand gels, screens and masks can be used to help protect us.

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The focus areas:

For this initial project, I have chosen to focus on two areas of study. One has potential high risk due to infection on public transportation, depending on how crowded they are and the fact that they are within enclosed spaces. This can increase the spread of Coronavirus. The other area aims to explore the transformation of public first-aid, close contact with strangers who may fall ill and the precautions that would be needed along with redesigned kits to aid medically in this situations.

Public Transportation: Focus 1
Public First-Aid: Focus 2