Destechi (an acronym for Design/Tech/Innovation) working in the CreaTech sector, is an early-stage design-driven AI research and development platform, focusing on automated insights, product analysis, and validation for your project success. By democratising design and managing knowledge, we aim to be a more time efficient and accessible platform. We help you understand and uncover new opportunities with our tools, explore new ideas & discover valuable findings and design suggestions to further real design thinking at its initial stages.

According to AIGA x Design Census 2019, methods such as data science only makes up 1% of this space, but AI is ranked as one of the top 10 emerging technologies
that will have the biggest impact on design.

Starting with our "Synthesis" product insights platform, we utilise data to organise this information in a way that can be easily processed and gathered for better product insights and success. At the early stages, Destechi aims to expand its capabilities to continuously help improve design research methods using emerging applied technologies.