Destechi is my multi-disciplinary design portfolio, show-casing client and individual works through collaboration, consulting and creation for product, digital and service.

Personal Bio

Hey, I'm Ben Ingignieri, a designer, consultant and maker! Throughout my professional endeavours I have aided both client and individual realise their creative process and ideas, from brand strategy and identity to product development, user research, observations, conceptualisation and prototyping.

Outside of the design space, I have been fascinated by all areas of applied technologies, and since graduating in BA Product Design, I have an interest in how it can complement the creative sector. My background and work, although sometimes conceptual in form, incorporates elements of technical functionality. For example, I created ‘Disconnect’, an IOT digital detox lamp and app alongside my dissertation titled "The Digital Escape" This has further led me to question how digital concepts can aid and benefit physical elements.

Definition & Values

This is where it begins. With a creative idea which has the potential to evolve into an experience - whether product, digital or service design.
Utilising technical and creative know-how to help build upon the initial design inception. Enhancing and realising the creative potential through digital production and build.
Striving to combine the two disciplines of Design & Technology to create impactful, thoughtful, value driven and lasting solutions for change.