Working in the Creative Tech sector, Destechi's focus is on automating insights in the product and user experience space. By democratising design and managing knowledge, the aim is to be a more time efficient, affordable and accessible platform. Destechi helps product-focused research and innovation teams understand and uncover new opportunities. With Destechi explore new ideas & discover valuable insights to enhance real design thinking at its initial or later stages.

Based on stats, 13,000 people in the US ranked AI as a top 10 tech to have the biggest impact on the design industry. In 2021, McKinsey reported that this tech will be one of the most disruptive to R&D and consumer insights. The existence and advancement of this technology, especially now in the creative space will allow Destechi to become a reality now, for the future. This would not have been feasible previously.

A research group collaborating together

The design thinking process, with an extra step!

design thinking process with addition