Define your projects, analyse consumer needs and discover product & design insights using AI.

Destechi is a smart search platform that analyses a product or design topic, and helps teams automate, uncover and visually organise qualitative research.

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Find, understand & action new insights for your product development.

Create a design project and search a query

Create your project, then search your product topic query.

Destechi analyses your search query input and uncovers user-product pain points & behaviours, and design insights.

Data-driven insights for each topic you research.

Focus your efforts on creative and product development, and tap into your organised research insights to help gain new perspectives for your projects.

A research insights platform for product & design teams big and small.

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Your product research insights organised in one place.

From your design search query analyse and explore your generated and organised research. Uncover insights to view, analyse, copy, export and share with your team at any time, to back creative decisions.

Starting with the R&D product insights platform, Destechi will gather and organise collected data in a way that can be easily processable; firstly for user product experiences and top product analysis. We hope to develop the platform to bring more insights, smart features, data filters & visualisations (think 'Information is beautiful'!) and functionality in the future!

Find product experiences

User Product Experiences

Search your topic query and analyse user struggles, customer opinions and product opportunities.

Discover top products

Top Products

Discover similar and top products, brands and designers in your searched topic area.

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"I definitely believe tech/AI will change how research is done and advance result relevance. This is an opinion based on experience and knowledge. Hopefully, Destechi proves me right!"

Founder and Director, Katapult Design

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"Destechi has the potential to not only free up a designers time to focus on what they do best, but also provide unbiased and real-world insights for their project."

Design Director, North Product Design

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"We're keen to grab anything we find to save time, especially if they ensure a more thorough job is carried out. Our experience so far, does indicate that when fully realised, Destechi could very well be one of those tools!"

Technical Director, Aileron Design

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"You'll find enterprises will be using your software to streamline their operations."

Startup founder and CEO, K+ Coffee

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"We need a tool like this. Current methods are either very expensive to run, are non-existent or are restrictive/overly complicated."

CMF Design Researcher and PHD Student

It can take a weeks to months for design, research and product teams on average to build the correct research to help formulate decisions, whilst using expensive methods to build credible data and find useful insights from a multitude of online sources.

Destechi aims to save you time and resources - while increasing the chances of finding better product and consumer insights for your next opportunity.