Define your ideas, analyse consumer needs and discover product insights using our AI research platform.

Enhance your qualitative product research with data driven insights, and draw meaning from your design query searches to aid R&D.

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Find, understand & action new insights for your product development.

Start with the product topic and insight you aim to research. Using natural language understanding, Destechi analyses your search input to uncover consumer product pain points and behaviours from online reviews, similar products, trends and more.

Data-driven insights for each topic you research.

Focus your efforts on creative development, and tap into your automated and organised research insights to gain new perspectives for your projects.

An insights platform for innovative product, consumer goods and consumer electronics companies big and small. Whether you’re a user research, product or design team, we’re here to help!

Your product research insights, visualised.

From your design search query, explore your generated research map to uncover new insights, organised into categories to analyse within your private team channel. Vote on best findings, comment and pin research, and generate reports to save and share.

Utilise our resources & templates, and integrate with your favourite tools!

Having the idea is never the final outcome. To ensure your project is proven, Destechi includes open resources and templates to improve project development and insights.

Use templates like our:

Question builder, to understand and better target the right market with the right questions to gain feedback. Make the most of other resources like our Market Research Survey Builder. (Coming soon)

It can take a few weeks to months for design, research and product teams on average to build the correct research to help formulate decisions, whilst using expensive methods to build credible data and find useful insights from a multitude of online sources. Destechi aims to save you time and resources - while increasing the chances of finding better product and consumer insights for your next opportunity.

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